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T his SOP provides guidance to Chapters and members of National Sojourners who sponsor the National Sojourners ROTC Award for Americanism,

      The National Sojourners ROTC Awards are authorized by service regulations for presentation to Senior and Junior ROTC Cadets or Midshipmen of the Army, Navy or Air Force and Junior Marine ROTC Cadets. Appropriate regulations of the various Services have been published which establish the criteria for the National Sojourners' Award.
(See Army -- AR 145-1 and AR 145-2; Air Force -- AFROTCM 900-6; Navy -- OPNAV Notic 1650)

       Individuals to receive awards will be selected by the ROTC Staff of the institutions based upon basic criteria established by the Service regarding academic standards, class enrollment, etceteras. The National Sojourners criteria is that the recipient must have encouraged and demonstrated the ideals of Americanism by deed or conduct or both and that the recipient demonstrated a potential for outstanding leadership. There is no restriction on the award based upon race, religion or sex.

       A report by the sponsoring chapter of each presentation should be made to National Headquarters, ATTN: Chairman, Americanism Committee. This report should reach the committee Chairman in sufficient time to be included in the annual report to the National Convention.