Camps of Heros of 76
National Sojourners Inc.
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      H eroes of 76 is an affiliate, auxilliary organization of National Sojourners, Incorporated, consisting of the National Heroes Officers and the Heroes Camps located with, responsible to, and dependent upon one or more Sojourner Chapters.

      Membership is composed of Sojourners who have, in recognition of exemplary service to National Sojourners, Incorporated, Freemasonry, or our National Government, received the Heroes `76 degree.

       The purpose of the Heroes of `76 shall be to exemplify its degree, which furnishes innocent pleasure and enjoyment to worthy Brother Sojourners thereby strengthening the Masonic/Patriotic principles, which guide and support the parent Order.

Camp Number Chapter Status Location
William Prescott 510 Peter M. Rasmussen Active Germany
von Steuben 304 Heidelberg Club Club Germany
Jacques DeMolay 98 Paris Active France